Marty Tankleff

Marty Tankleff

“Picture living in a room the size of a bathroom and not being allowed to leave whenever you want. That’s what prison is like.”

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  1. Freedom
  2. Life After Prison
  3. Becoming a Lawyer
  4. Grisly Discovery
  5. Broken Interrogation
  6. False Confessions
  7. Life in Prison
  8. The Innocent in Prison

Marty spent 17 years in prison after he discovered both of his parents brutally murdered in his Long Island Home as a sixteen year old at the start to an otherwise normal school-day. Marty’s infamous case and battle to seek justice for the events that led to a coerced “confession” of these crimes can be found in depth in the book A Criminal Injustice. Marty is completing his law degree at Touro law school to become a criminal defense lawyer and plans to open a center to help the wrongfully convicted without access to DNA evidence fight for justice to be served.