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Be the Witness is a campaign to raise awareness about wrongful convictions and how we can all work towards addressing their root causes. Here you will hear the stories of five men who were wrongly convicted and spent decades in prison before they were exonerated.

The leading cause of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentification, which has played a role in nearly 75% of the wrongful convictions later overturned through DNA evidence. Eyewitness testimony is introduced as evidence in courtrooms all across the country countless times every day. Sometimes this is the only evidence that is used to convict someone. Take the quiz and see how reliable you would be as an eyewitness.

The Innocence Project uses DNA testing to exonerate innocent people who have been wrongly convicted and advocates for policy changes to prevent these injustices from happening in the first place. We need your help to persuade policy makers to pass reforms that could prevent innocent people, like those profiled here, from spending years of their lives behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. Sign up to learn what you can do to help fight future injustices.